Sunday, August 22, 2010

Admin Tips & Tricks: Accounts and Opportunities owned by Inactive User Reports

Did ever want to see which Account or Opportunity records on your are owned by users who are no longer active?
Well now you can!!!
Just create a new Custom Field on the User object.
  • Field Name: User Status
  • Datatype: Formula(Text)
  • Formula: IF(IsActive, "Active", "Inactive")
Now take your favorite Account or Opportunity report and add your shiny new custom User Status field to the Report Grouping or the Filter Criteria.
You'll be seeing results faster than you can say "Sham-Wow!!!"


  1. Thanks for the great tip! Btw, in the current Enterprise edition version, the inserted field name is $User.IsActive

  2. I think there is a report type the unlimited version that does this without the need to create custom field.